Ghurkha Training on Estate


We have recently investigated rumours that the estate was being used for the
training of those fearless warriors from Nepal. Sightings of heavily laden
figures scuttling around the estate has caused a great deal of controversy


To our disappointment, there were no Nepalese warriors. When we tried to
interview one of them, we came face to face with some Tyntesfield residents
carrying masses of bin bags instead.


Tenants of Tyntesfield had been ordered to carry their rubbish to the estate
offices. According to one resident, the Property Manager wanted to control the
flow of rubbish through the estate from their office – no comment on this is
necessary really.


This new management directive stops the public seeing the rubbish truck
as it goes about its business,


After decades of successful rubbish collecting, the refuge lorry now enters
the estate through the bottom gate, drives past several cottages ignoring the
rubbish and picks up only the rubbish from the offices.


From there it returns the way it came, once again ignoring the cottages and
leaves the estate to complete. It then has to complete several miles of looping
journey to enter the estate through the top gate.


It then proceeds to drive past more cottages to another designated spot to
pick up again.


All this to miss out the few yards it could have used to complete its
journey. Not very environmental is it?


We have come to the conclusion that this is some sort of power move by the
Trust, to take over and have a controlling hand in all the crap going around
with in the estate.


A similar hair brained plan was tried some years ago. This involved the Royal
The management decreed the postman was to deliver the mail to the
office where the tenants would have retrieve their post.


Yes that’s right, interfere with a perfectly good system, and introduce it
into a regime that to be honest, could balls up the Lord’s Prayer. It was the
Post Office that had the last word on the matter. They informed the management
that no one can interfere with the Royal Mail.


So yes ladies and gentlemen, should you wish to become a tenant at the
Tyntesfield Estate, it may be wise to undertake a sherpa training course, or you
could always put the stinking rubbish in your car.


Our suggestion would be, if you are unable to carry the bags of filth for
some reason, have them delivered to the office by Royal Mail and let the Trust
pick up the bill. No one can interfere with Royal Mail can they?