Rationing At Tyntesfield

Rationing At Tyntesfield

It has come to our attention that poor old National Trust staff have had to
deal with more shortages on the estate.

The shortage of toilet paper has prompted urgent emails requesting staff to
cut back.

We believe war-time themed posters have been displayed to emphasize
shortages, along with some of Stalin’s face for the back of the doors.

The email in question – of which we have a copy – asks staff to be as sparing
as possible until the delivery of supplies at a later date.

With staff entering the town on a regular basis asking does any one want
anything from the shops as I’m going into Nailsea, surely some one could have
come up with the cunning plan of buying some toilet paper from one of the large

Even better, the manager in charge of such commodities could have gone

I wonder if the role of that manager is solely for buying toilet paper and
did that manager work themselves into that coveted position? Just goes to show
what can be attained with determination and the right attitude.

One source of information close to the estate claims it is the fault of the
management. They started a lunch time origami craft section and before you knew
it, soft paper birds turned into toga parties. The management have supplied all
the manual workers facilities with Post It note pads, while the office toilets
have the proper stuff with the puppy on the wrapper.

Here’s a thought for the management: In times of shortage of toilet paper,
you could always use some Performance Development Review forms. This will help
you out of a difficult situation and also you can fill in the boxes such as
using initiative and feed back at the same time.