Letter to Tyntesfield Estate.com from person claiming to be a Tyntesfield volunteer and a medical doctor

At the Tyntesfield Estate website,
we deal with many emails from members of the public, usually people who hate the
National Trust for whatever reason and want to share their story.

The website team makes sure all
contacts retain their anonymity.

The website has been live since
2004. The National Trust have been aware of it since the start, and one manager
has famously been quoted as saying “that will never last.” And to be fair to the
Trust, amongst the tears and the frustration shed by staff members and the
paying public, there has been some buffoonery displayed by some in management
without whom we just couldn’t giggle as well.

But on the 06 March 2011, something
unprecedented happened. We received an email that was positive about the
National Trust. As a website, our editorial policy is that we will give people
the right to reply should they disagree with us. Until now, that hasn’t really
happened. It was with great interest that we read this email.

Now whilst we take every email we
are sent into confidence, we are going to reproduce this email, along with the
contact’s name for reasons that will become clear.


From Steven Phillips

Sent: 06 March 2011 21:26:09

‘tyntesfieldestate.com’ Editorial Staff

I would just like to take the
time to thank you firstly for some of the content on your website. I am a
volunteer at the National Trust at Tyntesfield as a researcher and some of you
stuff is very good, I am thanking you not only on behalf of myself but on behalf
of the public who I know will be so interested.

However I am a little perplexed
as to why you are always ranting at the National Trust in your blog posts. The
staff and other volunteers I work with are some of the kindest people I know and
everybody has a good professional sense of humour. So when you say they are
bullying people I am a little confused. I have personally met the chief
executive of the Tyntesfield Estate and they are very nice along with all of the
staff. You say that the National Trust wastes their money but surely this is not
your place to comment on. You hear rumours not fact and comment on these. These
rumours really can disrupt how the property works and therefore they lose more
money making it not as good for the public. Also you say that they have been
very neglectful to the property. Do you not know how much money the Trust has
spent on it?(a lot). Especially with new projects costing thousands of pounds
which benefit purely for public interest. Anyway the house was falling down
before the trust took it on in 2002. This was because Sir Eustace Gibbs did not
wish to own it and so sold it to the Trust. Now I suggest you leave the
criticism and commenting on decisions to the managerial staff. If you want a say
then why not join them and look out for job offers or volunteering with us or
you can get in touch directly with them as oppose to creating web pages behind
their back.

Again good job with the history
section on you page, but will you please stop slagging off the National Trust
who do an exceptionally good job.



Dr Steven
Consultant Cardiologist (Physician) MB BSc
Bristol Heart
UHBristol NHS Foundation Trust

OK so this is an interesting email.
Why? Because it is someone who volunteers at Tyntesfield, flying the flag of

The person is claiming to be a
Consultant Cardiologist at the Bristol Heart Institute. Obviously a high
position that garners a sense of trust. He volunteers as a researcher with the
Trust. Someone with a higher degree of intelligence.

This is where things start to fall

1. A person with any concept of
good historical research will know that the history page on the website is toot.
It’s a nod to a complex history, nothing substantial, nothing of interest,
nothing that adds anything. So why would an intelligent person email in saying
it was a ‘good job’?

2. The person calls the site a
blog. It isn’t there is a fundamental difference between a blog and a

3. The person has clearly not read
any of the content of the website, or is not able to understand it. A little odd
for a researcher who has the skills of a doctor?

‘You hear rumours not fact and
comment of these’

‘Why not look out for job

Surely a person who had read the
site – who can read – discovered much of the website content comes from a
previous employee who is telling stories about what actually happened – some
with photographs?

‘Do you not know how much money the
Trust has spent on it’? – Less would have been spent had it not been left to
fall into disrepair first.

Well, this was the point where we
decided to dig a little deeper into Steve Phillips’ background. He obviously
works at the Bristol Heart Institute. It won’t be hard to track him

Or will it.

Initially, we made some enquires
with our own contacts, none of whom could verify the existence of Dr Phillips.

On the 21/03/11, we heard
from Steven Phillips again.

Hello Again,
I have not had
a response yet with regards to this, please could
SteveDr Steven Phillips
Consultant Cardiologist
(Physician) MB BSc
Bristol Heart Institute
UHBristol NHS Foundation

We started to dig a little deeper.

A spokesperson for the University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust
said: “I can confirm that we do not have a consultant cardiologist working for
the NHS side of the Bristol Heart Institute called Dr Steven

A spokesperson for Bristol Heart
Institute said: ”I can find no details for Dr Steven Philips.”

We also tried to find Dr Steven
Phillips’ registration status with the General Medical Council. We could find no
trace of him and a spokesperson for the GMC told us: “Practising without GMC
registration is a criminal offence.”

On 27/03/2011, we heard again, this
time with the editor of the Bristol Evening Post included.

FW: tyntesfieldestate.com –
Issues with National Trust? PLEASE READ AND REPLY URGENTLY!?

The fact that you are not
replying is quite bad. Please email me back as soon as you read


S Phillips

Dr Steven
Consultant Cardiologist (Medical Physician) MB BSc
Bristol Heart
UHBristol NHS Foundation Trust

Two interesting developments here,
firstly, the person has made a slight change to their email signature, firstly
swapping Medical Physician for Physician, but otherwise making no change to the
BHI credentials.

Secondly, he is involving the
Evening Post by also sending the email to the editor.

We replied to Steven on the
27/03/2011 with the following.

Dear Steven,

I apologise
for the delay in getting back to you. We like to check out the source of such
correspondence so we can reply to you appropriately.We have tried to verify your
position within the Bristol Heart Institute. Unfortunately, there seems to be a
problem. When we contacted them, we were informed that you did not exist at the
Trust.Your name also appears unfamiliar to a well-known surgeon and personal
friend of one of the website team, who is also attached to this department.We
have also failed to be able to verify your credentials on the General Medical
Council’s list of registered medical practitioners. Perhaps to speed up our
enquiries, you could reply with your contact number at the BHI or even your GMC
reference number.As we well know, all big organisations can suffer from
communication problems, and if it is because you are a new consultant on a
cardiology ward, perhaps other members of staff are not yet up to

Many thanks

On the 28/03/2011, Steven
replies with the following.


Dear Jen,

I have just
started retirement, hence the reason I volunteer at Tyntesfield. Thanks for
pointing this out to me, I have taken away my automated email signature. The
Bristol Heart Institute has been through a major revamp recently, I left in the
process of this as they were already re-recruiting for some posts.
You may
or may not be aware that when a doctor retires their information is taken off
the GMC’s public database, they are not meant to tell the public a doctor’s
information after they have retired (no longer practicing) due to the Data
Protection Act. However can I just ask why this is of such big importance – I am
contacting you as a National Trust Volunteer and loyal supporter, not as a
I fail to understand what all of the big hold up was about, can I
now get a satisfactory response from you for my first email please?
And in
the future may I suggest that you stop checking out people’s backgrounds and
start doing your job correctly – answering queries for you website. Or perhaps
you can now tell me what your full time job is if you really think that this is
so important…?

Steven Phillips

Sounds plausible
doesn’t it? Except this person knew their signature was either false or out of
date because they had made a change to it as we have pointed out.


He claims to have retired recently
– Keep this in mind for now.


He wants to know why it is
important we check his medical credentials. This is because he has deliberately
used them to give his email some weight. But the fact is that the original email
did not come up to the standard we would expect a person working at this level
to be at.


He suggest that in the future we
should stop checking out people’s backgrounds and start doing our job correctly.
We have absolutely been doing our job correctly and it is what we do best –
check out the background, ridicule the incompetent, bring to light the outrages
and expose the liars. For we put it to Dr Steven Phillips that he is a liar.


Just two weeks ago, in March 2011,
Dr Steven Phillips joined an internet forum Pharmacy Reviewer




DrSteve says in his online profile:


I am a Consultant Physician
Cardiologist in the Heart Institute at University Hospitals Bristol




Medicine, Cycling


Cardiologist at UHBT (Bristol)


Dr Steven
Phillips MB Bsc


All sound familiar? And in reply to
a question posed by another member back in 2008, Can i drink alcohol if im
taking phenoxymethyl penicillin he says:


Hello There,


I find this a very interesting
discussion. I am a new consultant on a cardiology ward and often prescribe
antibiotics and have learnt about all of them. It is false that it will stop
working if you drink alcohol. But you should try not to drink and take any
medication. Again, every person reacts differently and it is not uncommon that
you can have stomach problems due to antibiotics, alcohol will not help this.


Kind Regards


Dr Steven


Dr Steven
Phillips MB BSc


So Dr Steven Phillips, are you a
new consultant on a cardiology ward? Or have you just retired? Or is it that you
are just a liar?


We hope this is satisfactory
response to your email. And just this once, we have taken the decision to
publish the correspondence to warn other members of the public that you have
lied, are on the internet giving people medical advice as a representative of
the Bristol Heart Institute – who has never heard of you and without GMC
registration which is a criminal offence.


Yours sincerely


Tyntesfied Estate.com