Introduction: Why I never said goodbye

May 12, 2009



Hi there. My name is Phil Smith and I would like to tell everyone about my
life and the life of many others while working as a maintenance person on the
Tyntesfield property.


I will begin with the National Trust taking over the estate and then continue
to highlight the incompetence with brief stories of incidents that to some will
seem unbelievable.


I will then finish with the grand finale of how the National Trust illegally
sent in the builders to strip the house I had been living in, and change the
locks while I was moving the penultimate furniture load, leaving me with out a
bed to sleep in.


This story was something I planned to do a long time ago, but unfortunately
for me, the task I now face has grown significantly larger. On the positive side
it will give some of the named incompetent managers time to guess at what stage
of the story they will appear and reflect on where or what their next employment
might be.


You will have to forgive me about the time scale of this task as writing is a
new thing to me and I think you will find that reading it in small instalments
will keep you readers hanging on, especially in head office.


It will be some time before I manage to assemble the masses of E Mails and
photos I have obtained into some sort of order. Having just moved house things
never end up where you put them!


Unfortunate this story will take no prisoners and there will be victims in
all departments of the Tyntesfield property. Also, some regional managers will
take some flack. Some innocently making mistakes under immense pressure, others
because they don’t and won’t listen and when things do go wrong they slide the
blame down the ranks faster than nylon underwear in leather trousers.


You will all have seen the wrong bus number on the sign posted earlier on the
site, but the more I think about it, the more I ask myself is the National Trust
wrong, after investigating the number a little more I’m sure the 384 is the dead
wood stage and this could have been how the likes of Calamity Jane arrived at


The first story will cover the deer management plan and the intervention of
the police to the National Trust contract killers shooting deer on a neighbours
land. What a night to remember!


So tune into this site again to hear the full story that I dedicate to the
fallen of the property, and to send out a clear message – Phil’s back and it’s
show time.