Row row row your boat, gently down the stream, if you get near Tyntesfield, don’t forget to scream

Waiting for the severn tidal bore through Home Farm


Tenants residing in the farmhouse had a bit of a shock when the house was flooded with 3 feet of water.  While the tenants were busy working on a large wooden boat to house a variety of animals, a flash flood raged through the house.

Mr and Mrs Noah returned to find the ground floor of their rented property awash and furniture bobbing up and down. What made it worse was the discovery that great crested newts had moved into the sitting room and were happily watching David Attenboroughs’ Life on Earth, while a solitary beaver made a home from drift wood Chippingdale furniture.

Rumours have it that the National Trust has taken immediate measures and has installed several lifeboats around the property. They are also rumoured to be in the process of applying for a newt exclusion licence from English Nature.

This was always a threat hanging over this particular property. The only way to ensure it didn’t happen was to keep the storm run off channels clear.

It was all part and parcel of on-going maintenance that was marked as priority in the schedule of maintenance works -that would be in the pile of paper work marked Maintenance.

Looking back at the historical farce of general maintenance around the estate, this tsunami through the house came as no surprise and no doubt as the years go by, and general maintenance is passed on from one manager to another, it’s very much on the cards this house will flood again.

Whilst writing this we have heard the rumour that the new symbolic landing jetty in the dried up lake may be removed from the formal gardens to the farm house so the tenants can access their car on higher ground.

We would also like to suggest that the little bottomless wooden boats in the lake could be put to good use at the farm house when the tenants wish to use their kitchen area.