Under investigation – Bodgers Badger Badgers – or unlicensed clearing works takes place around Tyntesfield’s badger sets




Some time ago, we ran a story about a large family of badgers that had the area around their set cleared and a bonfire placed on top.

Couldn’t happen again could it? I should co co. More clearing work has taken place, only this time on a much larger scale and we have the pictures of the devastation as proof.

We contacted DEFRA to ensure we had all the up to date facts concerning this matter and we also asked if a licence was applied for to undertake such works. DEFRA put us on to English Nature that supplies the licences, and guess what, the National Trust had over looked this issue.

As we well know, at Tyntesfield, the National Trust has a record of atrocities against the wild life that goes back many years.

It seems that there is no end to the misery inflicted on the wild life on this particular estate, surly there is someone with the relevant training in nature conservation, and habitat management, we hear you say?

Well there is, but from the pathetic way things are done, you wouldn’t think so. I did try to search for the conservation manager at Tyntesfield, but unfortunately to no avail.

Recently we have received lots of mail regarding staff being driven out of their homes on National Trust properties. It seems the Trust wants the houses empty to rent out to those that are willing to pay very large rents. These are people that will inevitable commute to and from the properties. The staff that still works at the properties will now commute to their place of work. Doesn’t really tie up with the green policies of the National Trust. We will run a full story on this at a later date.

So with the snatch back of housing in mind, we have some theories about the badger sett.

It could have been cleared to explore the opportunities of several new money pits. This will be an open and honest approach to show the where the money usually goes.

Or could it be the starting block, for a crazy golf course?  You might want to include a risk assessment for reaching down to retrieve balls.

We honestly believe that like the staff, the badgers are being driven out to leave accommodation for other more up market residents, such as meerkats, celebrity Bunnies, or other fluffy things that are looking to retire from the lime light.

To sum up this story on a sober note, you are a conservation organisation, in future practise what you preach, These creatures are protected by law, and we have informed the police, we hope to see a more positive approach to wild life conservation in the future.