Badger Update

Hello to all our readers. I do apologise to all those that have asked me about the outcome of the Badger sett disturbance.

We can now confirm that headquarters became involved and I suspect someone has had their wrists slapped. Not going to look good on that persons feedback for their PDR (performance development review) eh.

Question (1) what have I achieved this year? Well I totally devastated a badger sett, involved the police, opened up the opportunity to have the National Trust  prosecuted, allowed our flag ship property to be ridiculed by outside media coverage, dragging the good name of the National Trust into disrepute, wasted many valuable hours of staff time. On the plus side, I have managed to forged links, with all manner of outside agencies over this issue, hitting my target of involving new audiences.

We can confirm that the National Trust is now working closely with the Badger Trust and liaising with their team to move forwards in a more positive direction.

All very ideal we hear you say, one charity helping another. Only we would ask, why does the National Trust have to go cap in hand to find out what they should and shouldn’t be doing regarding protected species?  They have a regional wild life advisor employed to do just that.

They also have an in-house team player that has all the relevant qualifications covering protected species. Unless that is, they cooked them up on the internet. Wouldn’t be the first time this had happened at Tyntesfield, eh Doctor Phillips.

Yes we believe all regions have a paid advisor in position to inform and educate the staff regarding issues like the badgers. In fact I phoned the National Trust and was even given the email address. The operator didn’t know the name, but you can’t expect miracles can you?

When I worked at Tyntesfied, I was so hacked off with the flippant attitude towards the wildlife and the law; I contacted the Wessex advisor myself. He was very apologetic and pointed out he was only an advisor. The trust did not have to follow one word he said; Simon I bet you can remember that conversation well.

On a more positive note, Tyntesfield now has a designated badger sett monitor. This is a person that checks on the setts on a regular basis and reports any wrong doing. Just like a warden would. If only. S

So we would like to say a big hello to the monitor who we have given the code name The Saint. And point out to Tyntesfield, they are lucky to have another dedicated person on board.