The Tyntesfied Estate Quiz

April 19, 2009

At, we have put together a fabulous little
quiz for all those connected to, with and visiting the place to try for fun.

* Where in the Wessex area did a property manager order the arrest of her own
contractors for poaching on a neighbour’s land?


* After observing a school group replant a missing holly hedge with 30 cm
plants to a boundary hedge, which property manager embarrassed all the staff and
children by asking “how will they stop the stock from getting out being so small
a plant?”


* When a suggestion was made at a pre-season meeting of allowing persons on
Income Support access with a discount, Which manager replied with “the sorts of
people who are on benefits are those that drink, smoke and would rather go to
Alton Towers”?


* On interfering with the warden’s work, which manager ordered the farm
contractors to spray off thousands of pounds worth of newly seeded pasture land
with weed killer, losing the National Trust tens of thousands of pounds?


* What was the reason for a warden to sit in the middle of the road with his
head in his hands repeatedly asking “Why? For God’s sake why?” Clue – see


* After a room had been set out with furniture for public display, which
manager stunned staff by claiming “Steven is very good, but he doesn’t have the


* Where in the National Trust are contractors allowed to turn up without
supervision and strip the tiles from the wrong roofs and disturb registered bat


* Where in the Wessex region are tenants allowed to control great crested
newts with lawnmowers and strimmers?


* Who thought it a good idea to give permission for a National Trust manager
to take driving lessons without a licence, and never having had a lesson, drive
a large 4×4 around visitors?


* True or false? Staff members have held their own exclusive private parties
in the house, inviting their mates around for a spiffing jolly? Clue – the
photographs were posted on the internet and we still have copies.


* Why did senior management think it wise to ignore all the staff in the know
and waste £25,000 on a water tank that was not needed?


* Who said “the tank is in the wrong place, water does not run up hill”?


* After the water failed to run up hill, what was the additional cost of
contractors to make the water flow down hill?


* Who said “don’t be stupid would we buy an estate and not own the pipes in
the ground”? Clue – a life size image of the person can be found outside the
front of Tyntesfield House.


* On which property have the National Trust recently purchased a unique
Victorian water system of water wheels, tanks and pipe work, but didn’t think it
necessary to buy the source of water to run it all?


* After several years in post, where in the Wessex region did a property
manager find herself lost in the woods of her own property?


* Which property has the fastest turn around of staff, the highest level of
sickness (volunteers included) and attempted suicide?


* At which property would you find non-conformist staff on detention?


* On which property would you find unguarded machinery rewired for use after
it was condemned as unsafe by the Health and Safety Executive 20 years


* Where in the Wessex region would you find a property with possibly a higher
number of office staff than National Trust HQ?


* Who thought that a Yurt made in Mongolia would be compatible with British


* How many meters of Tyntesfield’s neighbour’s hedges were cut down and burnt
by mistake in one year?


* After hardly a year, why are there rumours that the Yurt now harbours
dangerous bacteria and mould?


* On the day of a green transport meeting at Tyntesfield that was attended by
people from all over the country using green methods of transport, what was the
total carbon emissions from the project team that drove the distance of 400
meters in several cars to get there?


* So that the project team could hold meetings in a professional way, a
specialist was flown in to teach the team how to talk to people. From what part
of the United States did he come from and how many public memberships did it


* Who begs the question – “Was I pushed or did I fall?”


* At Tyntesfield, bat detectors are used to detect the high pitched screams
of staff that are constantly at breaking point – True or false?


Finally – What was the reason that a very popular member of staff was forced
out of her job and accommodation with very little notice to the utter disgust of
the whole property’s staff, and how much notice was she given? – One week on the
condition that she told no one of her plight, and was allowed to inform all on
the last day by a management vetted email.


We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their donations
(and signed affidavits).


A special thanks to the incompetent who made this quiz possible.